Container Sales

Are you in the market for a storage or shipping container?

Whether you need it for a construction project or just additional storage, Trailer Rental Company is the Salt Lake City, Utah, supplier you can depend on for quality and affordability.

Get Sturdy, Durable Storage Containers

Shipping containers are valuable assets when you have cargo that won’t fit in your building or warehouse. You can trust that the container delivered to your property will protect your supplies from weather and vandals — they are the ultimate option for secure storage that’s also transportable.

You have complete control over your stored cargo, and you don’t have to pay a recurring storage unit rental fee. A storage container is an investment that pays off.

When you buy from Trailer Rental Company, have confidence in your purchase. Our storage and shipping container sales team ensures the containers we supply are free of any corrosion or leaks. You can be sure that the equipment will last for years to come — we guarantee it.

We Value Your Business

Here at Trailer Rental Company, we are experienced in the field of storage and hauling. We’ve been helping customers in the Salt Lake City area for decades. In fact, we’re experts: We know exactly what piece of equipment will fit any job. We’ll help you select the right size container and bring it right to your doorstep.

Get answers to all of your questions and find cost-effective solutions today. Our team at Trailer Rental Company is committed to helping you secure the ideal storage or shipping container for your project — call today.