We offer cost-effective rentals of semi-trailers and local cartage trailers throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.

Do you need secure, dry transportation for your cargo? For flexible rental terms and superior customer service, look one place and one place only: Trailer Rental Company.

Dry Transport Options to Meet Your Needs

Do you need to expand your existing hauling fleet? Are you looking for a one-time rental for storage purposes? Whether the semi-trailer rental is for your company or yourself, the team at Trailer Rental Company will help you accomplish your personal transport or storage goals, or augment your business’ operations.

Select from our wide range of available semi-trailers and arrive at the solution you have been looking for.

Our Inventory Will Amaze You

Our semi-trailer rental service surpasses our competitors in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area because we don’t just give you one dry van option — you have several. We carry trailers of all different lengths, with specifications that will fit whatever project you have in mind.

And we maintain our semi-trailers with the utmost care. They’re fully inspected before they’re made available to you. You will never need to worry about an equipment breakdown when you rent from us. This assurance increases the safety of driver and cargo, giving you peace of mind.

Trailer Rental Company also eliminates other potential hassles that could cost you precious time. We ensure our semi-trailers are in compliance with all laws and regulations so you will know you are legal when you hit the road. You can spend less time worrying about maintenance and licensing as well as state and federal laws — we handle the logistics.

Call Us and Find Out More About Semi-Trailer Rental

We have many flexible rental contract options available. We can customize your plan to fit with your desired price point and timeline.

With years of experience in the semi-trailer rental industry, we know that sticking to a budget is just as important as making sure our semi-trailers are top-notch. Surprise fees and unexpected balances aren’t what you want when you deal with a rental company.

Also, as your transport needs change, you might need to adjust your fleet as well. Our large inventory allows you multiple options, and you can upgrade at any time. Our supportive staff is on hand at all times to help ensure your complete satisfaction.

To learn more about Trailer Rental Company, our semi-trailer rental services and the solutions we offer to customers throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, call our office today. We look forward to learning more about how we can help assist you with our many transport options.

Let us help set you up with the semi-trailer you need to get started on your hauling or storage project today.