Residential Self
Moving & Storage

You’ve sold your home, it’s time to move, but where are you going?
Your new home is not ready to move into?
Your new home is not done?
You haven’t found the new home?

Any of these are a great reason to call Trailer Rental Company.

Helping With the Transitions During Self-Moving

We rent storage trailers for residential moves with a delay in the middle. We deliver a semi-trailer to your old home with a ramp for loading. You load the trailer. When you are done loading, you put a padlock on it and we come pickup the loaded trailer and bring it to our fenced and gated yard for storage until your new home is ready. If you need to get something out of the trailer or put something in the trailer, you have access to your trailer from 8AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday.

When your new home is ready, we deliver the loaded trailer to your new home with a ramp for unloading. After you have unloaded the trailer, we come back and pick it up and the biggest portion of your move is over! You load and unload only once, saving both you and your furniture!

This can be done for very close to the same cost if not cheaper than renting a moving truck and a storage unit. The best parts are, you load and unload only once and your whole household fits into one storage trailer.

New Home Not Ready? We Have Storage Trailers Too!

Trailer Rental Company offers storage trailers in the following sizes:
27’ 28’ 40’ 42′ 45’ 48’ 53’

The trailers are approximately 8’ wide and 8 ½’ tall inside. They can handle the contents from the smallest apartments to the very large multi-bedroom home and all of the things you have collected over the years.

Call us and we can tell you what size of trailer would fit your needs and the cost for rental and pick-ups and deliveries. Then we can set up delivery so your packing can begin. If you would like someone else to load and unload the trailer for you, we can put you in touch with some very reputable moving companies in our area that can provide the labor for you.

Take Your Time When Moving

The trailer can be left at your home for loading and unloading as long as you would like, if it fits in your driveway. If it is too long for your driveway, we can leave the trailer in the street in front of your home for up to 72 hours or longer depending on the street conditions at your home.

Since 1993, Trailer Rental Company has been doing residential self-moving and storage more economically than other companies. The ability to store all of your household in one unit makes it much more cost-effective than using the portable storage pod companies.